Monday, 27 July 2009

Kaizen and Software Engineering: Other Resources

After claiming that there isn't much writtern on Kaizen and its constituents applied to software engineering, I found a few more pages today.
  • Ballot Debris looks to be a good blog mainly on Agile with quite a bit writ tern about Kaizen.
  • I found this post by Kenji Hiranabi on InfoQ about applying "Kanban" (another concept from the Toyota Production System).
  • Finally (for today at least), this post on LifeHacker has some nice things to say about applying Kaizen to your personal work.
  • I'm realising from a lot of the posts I've read today that leaving Tom and Mary Poppendieck's #1 and #2 Lean books in my To-Read list is pretty criminal: they need to be expedited to the top!

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