Saturday, 19 September 2009

ESMAC 2009: My Best Yet

ESMAC 2009 was cut a little short for me when I had to come home last night, but it's still been my best so far in terms of the scientific proceedings. I can't comment on the social side as I missed the Gala dinner, and besides, Marseilles 2003 will take some beating. (The orthopaedic surgeons who re-opened the bar after the staff had left to serve us all Veuve Clicqout at 2am know who they are).

Some really good technical papers, a large variety of well thought out clinical studies and a few excellent keynote talks gave the proceedings a nice balance. Adam Shortland never fails to impress/amuse in equal measure and his stint as a stand up comic is obvious when he's in full flow behind the podium. Congratulations to Adam for organising an excellent and well attended event.

So, off the back of the conference, I've a lot to think about and do over the next 12 months if I'm to hold to my word and do the right research and development to support the needs of the clinical movement analysis community.

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