Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Are You Committing "Pragmacide"?

After the umpteenth time of hearing someone saying:
We've got to be pragmatic about this
(when they really meant lazy), and:
Sometimes, you've just got to take the hit
(when they meant we ALWAYS take the hit), I came up with a new phrase: "committing pragmacide".

I reckon it's fairly obvious how slow and painful committing pragmacide is: death by a thousand paper cuts as I've heard it described before. Maybe you can use the term "pragmentation" of your code-base when quick-and-dirty, re-branded as pragmatism has moved in with your team's practices.

As far as I can remember, pragmatism is about "doing the right thing, all things considered", not doing the cheap thing with very little considered. Or maybe I'm just getting slightly older and grumpier.

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